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on June 23, 2020 225 views

Runway inspection in Karachi airport, following the PIA Pakistan Airlines flight PK8303 crash show clearly visible traces of impact and scrape of the engines

The initial evidences are the following :

  • airplane was very high on profile (5 NM on final / 3000 ft AAL)
  • crew had a master warning (can be heard during ATC recordings)
  • from the traces on the RWY surface, both engines scraped the RWY: the L/G was apparently not extended at touchdown
  • crew performed a G/A
  • shortly after liftoff both engines failed (crew confirmed “we have lost engines”)
  • pictures (attached one) of the airplane show scraped engines and RAT extended (which is normal in case of dual engine failure)
  • crew declared a mayday
  • airplane didn’t manage to get back to the RWY

The engine scrape markings on the Runway are clearly visible in this video, the airplane bounced and touched down on the engines twice.

The airplane was very high on profile and the captain was informed about it : also one orbit was suggested.

The profile (altitude and groundspeed) was the following:

  • 7 NM : 5200 ft
  • 5 NM : 3500 ft
  • 0.4 NM : 1300 ft and 250 kts
  • over the threshold for RWY 25L airplane groundspeed was 210 kts.
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