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We are happy to announce that we are going to release Live Chat system just like Facebook so that members can interect with each other easily. Recently We started a new Promotion System to encourage our members to be active in the community to be able to be upgraded to a higher membership level with which they will receive more recognition (and benefits) from the community. We can promote some users to be a higher level which has more privileges if they win specific activity points. 

Just look at this picture to understand how this Promotion System will works -

When you join our network you become Registered User than after 2 days login & when you get 5 Activity points your Rank changed to New member & from New Member to Member Rank you need 30 Points & 5 days login & so on....With this system, we reward members by giving "virtual points" for each of their activities like comment, posting poll, quiz, adding photos, videos, creating blogs, posting in forum etc etc Users can earn points by doing various actions on our network, and then spend points or purchase items, subscriptions... It also makes things easier for users to manage their point balance with several options and criteria.  It is also very effective in Controlling SPAM.

There are many ways to use this system efficiently, such as promote some active users to be a moderator of the site, give "real" awards back to some active users or to users whose points over a threshold, etc.

You can check your Activity points here -

& You Can check your Current Rank & Upcoming rank here -


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