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Amit Gupta
.Posted in Can the Plane takeoff ?
It will fly surely cause run way & landing gear have supporting role, actually role of air. And it cause of Newton’s 3rd law when engine do action in reaction of the action plane go forward. Weather its on runway or floating on air. Even if you heard about air tunnel which is used to check plane model in that they use opposite thing plane is stationary and air is passing through the wings. And on that basis it will float on air. Second thing is that plane is not using land or runway as surface resistance to go forward like car. So finally in plane case if its on treadmill, it could fly but in car case car couldn't go forward.
suvendu kumar dash
.Posted in Can the Plane takeoff ?
It will not fly as there is no relative motion of air against the wing. If u remember the lift formula ....the lift is directly proportional to CL (coefficient of lift) and product of row, square of velocity and speed.The speed definition is...distance upon time.Here the distance covered is zero...hence the whole equation becomes zero.No relative motion of speed ...hence no Lift.