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Qualification: 1. Must be an active member here or on our old website ? 2. Contribution [share old question papers, books, etc etc ] upload with - TAG or password 3. Not belong with *ANY FORUM* (Staff/Moderator/owner) 4. Time Can Give weekly 20Hour 5. Help every member. 6. Read Rules & Regulation carefully & if anyone breaking any rule then give them warning & Inform us. If you meet these Requirements reply here. And remember, you must meet these requirements or else We will ignore your request to be a Moderator! Reply here.............
Sir, I PRANJAL MATHUR is a regular member of amevoice older website , i am also helping many people by giving information , documents , exam papers etc. of BSC AME .I am also running a group with name BSC AME SINGHANIA UNIVERSITY in both the websites.I had just joined this new website , and i am willing to become a staff of AMEVOICE.thanking you,Your's Sincerely,PRANJAL MATHUR