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Usually, clearing the papers is not the biggest hurdle for cat A license. But getting OJT is the main part . For that u must do your coursework under an MRO facility so that they provide you with the necessary OJT which will be very helpful in future.Atlantic Aviation in Shannon is providing a 2year course(one year course work+ one year OJT) after which you will be EASA cat A licensed engineer. They are also guaranteeing 3 interviews at the end of the course. If you have the money. This is the best way to do it. You can call me or whatsapp me on+91 9074734586 for more details on the same.
I got my B1.2 licence with powerplant as limitation. At present i am engaged in CAMO activity. Could i apply for powerplant type examination. In order to sit for type exam one must show practical experience on an operating aircraft. Then in this way how can i? Please reply.
.Posted in ojt at kf bangalore
hai friends ,kingfisher is going to be conducted an interview for ojt trainees by end of this month (30 o6 120), location bangalore,india so u want more info just ask some of u r friends, or wait a few days i will tell uuu