basic hand tools are normal.   screwdrivers wratchets and sockets, regular wrenches are all examples of normalspecial tools are made for specific jobs.  there are many tools that the engine manufacturers and acft manufacturers design to make the jobs easier.  for example: to boroscope the pw2000 or pw4000 there are guides to route the flex scope into the engine. without these the job would take a lothe t longer.   engine changes are another example of special tooling. there are at least 30 or 40 different tools for an engine removal.some tooling is for all engine types some for the specific engine and airframe combo. 
duc nguyen
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Dave did explain very well. For easier to know, all special tools (also called specific tools) are specified in AMM tasks wich P/Ns which required for the job. Normal tools are not specified in AMM.
Ilia ilchev
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Sometimes We need local manifactured tools for specific jobs.Adapter for vapour seal FUC ( for example)Have you ever used Engine removal/installation positioner.How is it work?