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ANA announced that it will replace 100 engines on its fleet of Boeing 787 Dreamliners after a series of engine failures caused by corrosion and cracking of engine blades.  The Japanese airline will swap out all of the Rolls-Royce engines on 50 of its 787s, a process that could take three years, according to an ANA spokesperson. ANA currently has five engines that need new repairs but “will replace all the 100 engines for enhanced safety measures,” the company said. The airline has already repaired three engines. Some of the damage to the engines has been caused by chemicals in the atmosphere, and the problem gets worse as an aircraft completes more flights, ANA said. The airline has already canceled 18 flights due to the problem and four of its 787s remain grounded. The airline does not expect any further cancellations through mid-September.  $2 billion to replace all Rolls Royce engines. 
parmar surendra
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