duc nguyen
by on November 5, 2012

Our company's suffering low morale because we have trouble with reward and punishment system. We're seeking a new system for rise work performance as well as morale. What's is your company's policy for reward and punishment? How do your company reduce maintenance errors without punishing? Please share with me! I need your helps!

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Well i would like to go to the root cause first . A mistake commited by a person does not involve only himself in that situation but it rather proves that the system ongoing in the company is wrong .Well no body these days want to work hard and that is why it turn out to be the weakest person in the... View More
December 15, 2012
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see punisment is inevitable , i understand . I would like add a quotation regarding this " Human make mistakes but devil didn't" "the more u make mistakes(different at a time) the more u gather exp." but the mistakes shouldn't be commited twice if it happen's then its a crime in that case punishment... View More
December 19, 2012
I remember learning from HF while sitting basic training course in academy that in theory an attempt to conceal your mistakes rather than confession of your guilt and just in time reporting is considered as a violation, but in practice it turns out that punishment is inevitable in both cases.
December 18, 2012
serzeb kamran
Somebody please tell me what si the difference between "mistake and error"...... who is suppose to be punished the one who did mistake or error....the person who work always do mistakes but the one who never works and just pass his duty time in making gossips he never does mistake or srror. This is ... View More
March 3, 2013
Jakub Visnovsky
Yes, that's true Serzeb.
Really good idea for every job.
And result? Higher quality, high motivation, competitiveness in the workplace ...

And about your question, my wall Wink
March 3, 2013