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A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane, carrying over 100 passengers, has crashed near the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. The commercial airliner A-320 was flying from Lahore to Karachi. The fate of all passengers and crew on board is unknown as yet. Here is a chronology of major air crashes in Pakistan or involving Pakistani planes, as reported by the Dawn





On May 20, 1965, a Boeing 707 of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashed on its inaugural flight while attempting to land at Cairo Airport, killing 124 people. 


On August 6, 1970, a PIA Fokker F27 turboprop aircraft crashed as it was attempting to take off from Islamabad during a thunderstorm. All 30 people onboard were killed. 


On December 8, 1972, all 26 people onboard were killed when a PIA Fokker F27 crashed in Rawalpindi, near Islamabad. 


On November 26, 1979, a PIA Boeing 707 that was bringing Pakistani Hajj pilgrims from Saudi Arabia crashed minutes after it took off from Jeddah Airport. 156 onboard lost their lives. 


On October 23, 1986, at least 13 of the 54 people onboard were killed when a PIA Fokker F27 crashed in Peshawar. 


On August 17, 1988, General Mohammad Zia Ul Haq and 30 others including Pakistani generals and the US ambassador were killed when a US-made Hercules C-130 military aircraft crashed near Bahawalpur. 


On September 29, 1992, a PIA Airbus A300 crashed into a hillside on approach to Kathmandu after the plane descended too early. It killed 167 people. 


On February 19, 2003, an air force Fokker F27 crashed near Kohat. Air Force Chief Air Marshal Mushaf Ali, his wife and 15 others were killed in the crash. 


On February 24, 2003, a chartered Cessna 402-B crashed into the Arabian Sea near Karachi. It was carrying Afghan Mines and Industries Minister Juma Mohammad Mohammadi, four Afghan officials, a Chinese mining executive and two Pakistani crew. 


On July 10, 2006, a PIA Fokker F27 travelling to Lahore crashed into a field and burst into flames after takeoff from Multan. At least 41 passengers and four crew were killed. 


On July 28, 2010, an Airblue Airbus 321 flying from Karachi crashed into hills outside Islamabad as it attempted to land. All 152 onboard were killed. 


On November 5, 2010, a twin-engine plane operated by Pakistani charter JS Air crashed after take-off in Karachi. It was carrying staff from an Italian oil company. All 21 onboard were killed. 


On November 28, 2010, a Russian-made Ilyushin IL-76 cargo plane operated by Georgian airline Sunway crashed in Karachi. At least 12 people were killed. 


On April 20, 2012, a Bhoja Air Airbus 737 from Karachi crashed in bad weather near Islamabad. 121 passengers and 6 crew members lost their lives. 


On May 8, 2015, a Pakistani military helicopter crashed. 8 people were killed including the Norwegian, Philippine and Indonesian envoys and the wives of Malaysian and Indonesian envoys. 


On December 7, 2016, a PIA ATR-42 aircraft, enroute to Islamabad, crashed. All 48 passengers and crew were killed. 


On May 22, 2020, a PIA A-320 commercial airliner crashed near the Karachi airport. Over 100 people were onboard the plane. All dead. No news from Airbus yet.


Here the route of this Aircraft - 



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