AME institutes again fooling students, seeking for their career in Aviation. Just to take admissions and run their #CoachingInstitutes they're using all techniques, false promises, fake entrance tests, inaccurate information. Faulty system of DGCA allowing them to loot innocent and poor youths and their families. DGCA haven't proper roadmap to conduct Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course. In the name of DGCA, Government of India approval these Institutes looting people. Here's some facts on AME course:-
● Not a single AME institutes have taken CAR 147 approval or affiliation from RGNAU. According to DGCA notice Institutes can only take admissions for this session if they have approval according to CAR 147. However all AME institutes violating this circular of DGCA.
● Currently not a single AME institutes can provide B.Sc in Aircraft Maintenance or B.Tech degree in Aircraft Maintenance. However many AME institutes have mentioned on their website that they provide degree in Aircraft Maintenance.
Again DGCA silent!
● There's no clarification either by DGCA or AME institutes that admission in this session will be based on CAR 147 or CAR series E. 
● Duration of course is still in doubt,some mentioned 2 yrs,some 3yrs and some mentioned 4 yrs course on their website. 
Please be alert from these fake entrance test, councelling and huge fees... Currently more than 20,000 AME Pass outs struggling in Aviation field and 5000 more AME Pass outs added in this number every year. Exploitation is maximum in this field compared to any other industry. 
Everyone share this post and alert students to stay away from this AME course to save their future, money and most important precious time.

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