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What are the rules and regulations for using a ink pen on a official aircraft document ? must it be black or can it be red?



Out here its Black in indelible ink....if there is a correction, the cancelled part needs to be visible when struck out by one line or circled & counter both corrected part & cancelled part is visible.

I’ve always known it to be black pen and never any other colour, it was just the other day the flight test manager had written on a flight preparation sheet in Red pen and I questioned it, he told me that there is nothing in the CARS regulations saying that he one can’t write in red pen. I just thought it was the industry standard NOT to use red pen.  Yes I agree with your statement, always draw a line through your written mistake and initial it. Clarity in aviation documentation is a big thing. It’s the LAW.


Blue/Black in Indelible ink.

If there is a correction to be made, the corrected portion needs to be circuled or cancelled with a straight single line & correction made besides it.

The cancelled part need to be visible by the circle or cancelled line after the correction.

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