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Revised Part-66 AME License Examination Policy by DGCA, India (Viman)


AME License Examination Guide 1 :

  • ONLINE registration for AME License Examination

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has been conducting examinations for issue/ extension of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) License, in accordance with Rule 61 of Indian Aircraft Rules 1937. The Central Examination Organization (CEO) of DGCA, located at R. K. Puram, New Delhi is responsible for conducting these examinations. So far these examinations were conducted as per the requirements laid down in Civil Aviation Requirements, Section 2, Series L, however, with the implementation of CAR-66, henceforth the examinations will be conducted based on modular system. In this system, the existing papers have been bifurcated in more than 40 papers (QPREF) of varied complexity and knowledge levels to cater for all modules as per CAR-66.

These examinations will generally be conducted on-line, at the designated centers, in line with prevailing international standards, wherein the candidate appears in the exam through a computer and gets the score on the spot. Initially, some of the papers may be conducted OMR based also. In order to maintain the examination schedule, the October 2016 session has been merged with the first session of February 2017.

The information regarding the schedule of examinations and centers etc. will be published on the DGCA web-site: “”. The examination portal for the registration of both, existing and new AME applicants, desirous to appear for AME examinations is “”. Candidates are advised to carefully read the instructions and login to the login to the web site and then read the “User Manual” before filling up the applications.




The fee for appearing in the exam has been revised as per Rule 62 of Indian Aircraft Rule 1937 and accordingly, an additional amount of Rs 2000/- per paper shall be payable by the candidate for appearing in on-line exam. The fee shall be payable in on-line mode only, through „Bharatkosh‟ payment gateway. Back In case of any query with respect to online application, the applicants may contact the helpline at +91 11 26106011. This helpline is available for the above said purpose, on working days between 10:30-12:30 Hrs. and 14:30-16:30 Hrs. The candidate may also e-mail their query on

AME License Examination Guide 2 :

  • Registration and Computer Number Allotment 

All these guidance are as per AME Online Examination-VIMAN INSTRUCTION NO.: 01 of 2016

AME License Examination system has been brought ONLINE with effect from NOV’2016. The applicants / candidates are required to interact with the online system of examination through the DGCA AME examination portal

Henceforth, all the examination with respect to all the categories of AMEs License Examination will be held ONLINE and/or OMR based through this portal only. This portal is to be used by the candidates [New & OLD*] for login, registration , uploading of photo , signature and mandatory documents, allotment of Computer Number (for new candidates only), applying for examination, printing of admit cards, profile update etc. (*All candidates who have been allotted computer number till July2016).


Yes !!! Old Candidates Means All candidates who have been allotted computer number till July2016).

Detailed step by step procedures to be followed by the candidates are available on the examination portal „VIMAN‟.

Candidates are advised to carefully read the instructions and login to the web site and then read the “User Manual” before filling up the applications. Given below are instructions with respect to

Given below are instructions with respect to login and registration for computer number allotment, for applicants‟ strict compliance:


1. The minimum system requirement to access this website is Google chrome or Internet Explorer 11.0.

2. All “Old & New” AME Candidate required to visit and use the respective tab for “Old & New” AME Candidate, under “Registration Area” tab to fill up the required details and “Submit”.

3. Individual Email ID of the candidate is an important component of the System. All important information such as Computer Number, Roll Number, Examination Schedules, and Application Status etc. will be communicated to the candidate on this email ID only.

4. Check your registered e-mail box for the e-mail with a temporary link for activating the account within a period of 24 hours.

5. While generating password, ensure password length should be 8 characters. It must contain at least one upper case letter (A-Z), one lower case letter (a-z), one special character (!@#$%) and one numeric value one numeric value (0– 9).


6. Now to proceed further for Registration, candidates can refer the guideline by referring the “User Manual” tab after login to the system with credentials.

7. The “Old AME Candidate Registration” is a ONE TIME exercise and not required for each session of examination. “OLD Candidate Registration” process will be open for 3 months only, within which all OLD candidates are required to re-register in the new VIMAN online portal. Without registering in the new online portal candidates will not be able to appear in any examination/ access his/ her record in future.

8. All OLD Candidates while registering MUST CHECK their particular (e.g Name /D.O.B / Father‟s Name etc.) displayed in the system including the PASSED Papers. (if any). Any ambiguity / mismatch observed must immediately be brought to the notice of CEO on e-mail within 07 days from the date of registration with all relevant supporting documents to CEO by e-mail followed by hard copy by speed post under the subject line “MISMATCH in saved profile. Comp No E-XXXXXXX”.

9. The allotment of Computer Number does not automatically enroll the applicant for the examination. Applicant will have to fill up examination form separately to get Roll Number for appearing in the examination in the same portal, after opening of the portal.

10. The successfully registered OLD and NEW candidates with computer number, can fill online application for examination only after the examination portal is declared open, which will be notified through a Public Notice on DGCA web-site as well as in the „Notice-Board‟ of the home page of examination portal „VIMAN‟.

11. All NEW candidates desiring to appear in the 1 st session of 2017 ONLINE examination must apply for allotment of Computer Number latest by 15th December’2016.

12. A telephone helpline for AME 011-26106011 will be available during (1030-1230 hrs.) and (1430- 1630 hrs.) on all working days for the benefit of the candidates.

13. Candidates are advised to forward all queries, request etc. to the dedicated e-mail address for AME i.e. under the specific subject line, for prompt action.



Old Candidates Registration 



New Candidates Registration 


Login Page for Old and New Candidates 


After Login Page 




Check out your Examination History !! If there is any mismatch, Contact the helpline number 011-26106011





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