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Hi there
I have all the books that have been published in the field of avionics.
Everyone needs to have a book, can be sent it's title  to my email address, so i'll send the electronic version of it.

Also you can see a list of the books in my blog
However this blog is in Persian language.

Email Address: Abolfazl.mazloomi [at]

blog Address:

Good luck

Last update on September 8, 12:28 pm by Administrator.

Please post me your stuff to [email protected]

I also have some really good books to share if u like just let me know about your @ddress !

Happy Upadhyay

Is it just in urdu?

Please do convert in English........thanks

Last update on January 29, 5:39 pm by Happy Upadhyay.

hey I need the radio navigatiuon book by George Kennedy. Do u have dat?

Vishal Naik


do u have the following books

1. avionic funamentals - Jeppessen

2. Aircraft instruments and integrated systems - EHJ PALLETT


Can u please mail me on [email protected]



Vishal Naik

[email protected]


would be very greatful

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